The KE Jetronic on W124/W126/R107 

Hello and welcome to my short introduction about the Ke Jetronic you will find on following cars:

260SE 300SE (W126 series)
200(T)E 230(T)E 300(T)E (W124 series)

300Sl (R107 Series) 
300GD (G Series)

Here a sample about the 6 cylinder M130 engine!

The system is quite interesting as we have here the first "ECU's" in Mercedes Cars. The whole system is a mixture between the old Kjet (only mechanical injection) together with "E" that means a brain. But unless the car ist cold you are able to drive the car with the connector unplugged as the engines are running also without any electronic adjustment. The Electronics helps with the cold start e.g. injecting additional fuel with the cold start valve (dark green) and idling speed with the idle valve (blue). The main system still works with non electrical injectors (green) just by the fuel system pressure. The fuel system pressure will be regulated by an mechanical valve you will find next to the LMM.  (red).  To boost more pressure through the injectors (eg if you are pressing the kickdown) the system uses also the black device (cyan) wou will find behind the LMM to higher the fuel pressure and to richen the engine.

The air flow  (white) will be sensed by a black poti (light blue) and the value is given to the ecu. If this sensing is not working because the poti is defective your car will have some not very nice behavior and  e.g. stall when warm and idling. Another failure ist the fuel pump relay you will find behind the battery labled as KPR. If your car is cutting out whilst driving this can be the source. Unfortunately the whole system is quite complicated and I build up some knowledge and can help you with your engine as I have all Spareparts here in Exeter and also be able to read out the ECU for problems found. The most annoying problem is the engine starting when warm and cutting out immediately. A new start is Ok than. This can only be repaired by a complete clean of the whole air inlet and changing the valve stam seals afterwards. The air inlet is conterminated with oil from the camshaft housing.

The good news, the fuel consumption will lower after that work and you will experience a complete new feeling for your engine. Running & idling so smooth and soft nearly like a 8 cylinder. 

If you need some help with your engine just ask for a quote. 

Currently I'm working on the W123, W108/109 and W124 series and have one car each for testdriving available. High mileage tells more about a car as an hyper restored car comming out of the garage just once every year. This is not a car anymore this is an investment. I'm not dealing whit those kind of cars, I'm dealing with cars which want to drive. Roadworthy and reliable, beautifull to look at and in good nick. Your guiding star on every road :-)  



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