Customized Classic Mercedes Cars 
"Your guiding star on every road"
"Ihr guter STERN auf allen Straßen"

Hello and welcome to my Mercedes page. My name is Oliver and I'm tinkering with historic Mercedes for more than 20 years. 

I had a vision when I was 22 to buy one of the automobile icons from the 60th.  I even do not had a clue what car it was. Just the letters W108 came into my mind and I bought a 250S W108. Since than lots of old Mercs followed and I converted them into my dream cars. Some are not original because finding your car in your colour with the interior you like including all gadgets available those days is nearly impossible. But I got the impression that others also would love to buy a special private Mercedes so I open my garage to the public. Please take a look around and tell me If you like the cars I do... 

Currently I'm working on the W123, W108/109 and W124 series and have one car each for test driving available. But all other Series are also known by me e.g. R107, W114/115, W116, W126, W111. 

High mileages tells more about a car as an hyper restored car coming out of the garage just once every year. This is not a car anymore, this is an investment. I'm not dealing with those kind of cars, I'm dealing with cars willing to drive. Roadworthy and reliable, beautiful to look at and in good nick. Your guiding star on every road :-)

Things I love to help with:

Complete engine service including carbutettor & injection system overhaul (Diesel and Petrol), Tank overhaul, Autobox service, Air conditioning, central locking, cruise control (repair & refitting), speedo and clock Service,  rust protection service (including body excavations).body welding and suspension overhaul

Proper Diesel conversion to run on cooking-oil
(no they can`t cope with it over a longer period of time without a conversion)
(All engines are ready to drive with alternative energies. Every Diesel Engine can be converted to drive with salad oil (rape seeded oil) or the beautiful straight 6 engines to drive with LPG. In this case you can drive your classic affordable Mercedes day by day. And this is what the cars are built for.)



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