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Hello all,
my name is Oliver, my wife is Birgit and my parents are Juergen & Waltraud Hehn.
They are still living in Germany. I´m living in the UK.
I moved there in 2003.
Our german Hehn  family roots are in the Hunsrueck area and we can trace back some Hehn´s up to the 17th century. It was a poor family and some of my ancestors emigrated to the USA at this time. I´m very anxious about seeing how many Hehn´s we are aound the world.

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Apr 22
 posted by Dustin Hehn   from on April 22, 2014 23:28

Email: CONTRABAND316(--att--)

Staat: USA

Land: WI

Stadt: Pewaukee

Kommentare: Well im doing this becoaus i never met my fother and his name as i was told is Jeff Hehn If you have any info plees e-mail

Apr 22
 posted by David Philipp Hehn   from on April 22, 2014 23:27

Email: dejazz74(--att--)

Staat: Deutschland

Land: Berlin

Stadt: Berlin

Kommentare: Ein weiterer Hehn, der sich hier einträgt. Tja, Vorfahren? Also da weiss ich eigentlich nicht allzu viel, nur das mein Großvater ursprünglich aus den USA kam.

Apr 22
 posted by Darren M. Hehn   from on April 22, 2014 23:27

Email: dhehn(--att--)

Staat: Canada

Land: Saskatchewan

Stadt: Regina

Kommentare: My grandfather, Lois Hehn immigrated from Germany as a young boy around 1912. He purchased land around Cupar Saskatchewan and farmed it for 60 years. He had 3 sons (John, Adam and Michael) and 5 daughters (Alma, Kathy, Agnes, Linda and Evelyn). Each of which had several kids as well. So, the Hehn family has multiplied quite a bit at this end of the world as well. It's quite comforting to know there are other Hehn's out there in the world.

Apr 22
 posted by Paul Brian Hehn   from on April 22, 2014 23:26

Email: hector19(--att--)

Staat: USA

Land: Oregon

Stadt: Portland

Kommentare: Third child of Guy Rutherford Hehn; grandson to Roy John Hehn. Before that, a whole bunch of Johanns, it seems. This branch seems to have come to the US via Odessa between 1840-60. Settled in Georgia, Missouri, North Dakota and down to my grandfather (logger) in Oregon.

Apr 22
 posted by KEVIN CHRISTOPHER HEHN   from on April 22, 2014 23:25

Email: KEVHEHN(--att--)AOL.COM

Staat: USA


Stadt: LUTZ

Kommentare: I no very little about my roots. My father, Donald Hehn was killed when I was a baby. We spent very little time with the Hehn side of the family after that, thus my curiosity in this web site. I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and I do believe my grandparents were first generation immigrants. Maybe someone could help me out with any information they may know about the Hehn family origination in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Is the pronunciation the same (Hane)?

Apr 22
 posted by Gregory Richard Hehn   from on April 22, 2014 23:25

Email: gregoryhehn(--att--)

Staat: USA

Land: Texas

Stadt: DeSoto

Kommentare: My side of the Hehn family comes from the town of Althauen, Germany. This beautful town is about 2 hours drive from Frankfort. Christian Hehn's son John Perter Hehen (B8/2/1835} came to the USA with or met his wife M. Louise Wilhemina Rau (B11/25/1841. She came to USA in 1853. My father's name is Earl LeRoy Hehn, Jr. his father Earl LeRoy Hehn, and his father John Christopher Hehn. If anyone cares I can send a file from Family Tree Maker or copy it to Word. I'm 54 and work at Blockbuster Video as a Computer Analyst.

Apr 22
 posted by David Hehn   from on April 22, 2014 23:24

Email: dhehn(--att--)

Staat: Canada

Land: Ontario

Stadt: Toronto

Domain Name:

Kommentare: My grandfather emmigrated to Canada after the war from a town somewhere near the border of Germany and Romania.

Apr 22
 posted by Ronald Hahn   from on April 22, 2014 23:24

Email: rmhahn(--att--)

Staat: United States of America

Land: Michigan

Stadt: Unionville

Kommentare: ‘Hello my grandfather came to America on the ship Slavonia in 1907. On the ships manifest his name is spelled Simon HEHN, in America he spelled it Hahn. He was born in Kiskoros, Hungary in 1881, he was born out of wedlock and took his mother‘s last name. He married Mary Kling in Hungary. He was assign to Miklo‘s Kntrsera in Cincinnati, Ohio. Would like information on his family.

Apr 22
 posted by Ryan Hehn   from on April 22, 2014 23:23

Email: ryanh(--att--)

Staat: Canada

Land: Manitoba

Stadt: Winnipeg

Kommentare: Our branch is believed to have arrived in New Amsterdam (New York, of course) in approx. 1717 after leaving Holland and Germany before that. Shortly after they moved to Pennsylvania. A ‚Hehn‘ church still exists in the state.

After the US cival war, one of 7 Hehn brothers moved to the Sault St. Marie, Ontario area. My great-grandfather, Roy Hehn, moved from Sault St. Marie to Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1905. He married Eva and their union resulted in 3 children. Shirley, the late Dorothy, and the late Charles ‚Bud‘ Hehn, my grandfather.

My father, Warren, left Winnipeg after taking a job in Brandon, Manitoba, where I was born. I ended up in Winnipeg after receiving a job offer.

We pronounce it ‚hane‘, how about you?

Correspondence is welcome.

Apr 22
 posted by Hartmut Hehn   from on April 22, 2014 23:19

Email: Hartmut.Hehn(--att--)

Staat: Deutschland

Land: Baden-Württemberg

Stadt: 73066 Uhingen

Kommentare: Mein Vater wurde 1939 in Hliboka / Rumänien, meine Mutter 1942 in Sosnowitz / Oberschlesien geboren. Weiteres müßte ich ggf. noch ermitteln.
Ich bin am 11.04.1965 in Esslingen a.N. geboren , seit 1993 verheiratet mit Claudia und seit 1997 Vater unseres Sohnes Matthias.

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