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Hello all,
my name is Oliver, my wife is Birgit and my parents are Juergen & Waltraud Hehn.
They are still living in Germany. I´m living in the UK.
I moved there in 2003.
Our german Hehn  family roots are in the Hunsrueck area and we can trace back some Hehn´s up to the 17th century. It was a poor family and some of my ancestors emigrated to the USA at this time. I´m very anxious about seeing how many Hehn´s we are aound the world.

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Apr 22
 posted by Dana Hehn Iselin   from on April 22, 2014 23:18

Email: diselin(--att--)

Staat: USA

Land: South Carolina

Stadt: Charleston

Domain Name:

Kommentare: My father is Earl L. Hehn. I think we came from Grunsfeld in the principality of Grunsfeld. A German friend traced the family to Henke Hehn a Knight about 1017. He traces the family thru the years to Christof Hehn who's sons came to America in 1851. (Pronounced Hane too)

I started writting this and it go lost or something on the internet. Anyway, I have some family history and coat of arm crests which I will put on here tomarrow. I have history to about 1017 in Germany. Wurtzberg, city of Grunfeld. I have been there and seen mor Hehn gravestones than I would like to think about. Like Smiths in America......It is late here tonight will update this site

Apr 22
 posted by Jonathan Hehn   from on April 22, 2014 23:17

Email: jlhehn(--att--)

Staat: USA

Land: GA

Stadt: Atlanta

My name is Jonathan Hehn and I am a student in Atlanta, GA,USA -I moved here bout a week ago from Plant City,Fl, where I grew up and my family still lives.My uncle Marc Hehn of Summerville, SC sent me this web site so I thought I would get in contact with you

Apr 22
 posted by David Hehn   from on April 22, 2014 23:17

Email: davidhehn(--att--)

Staat: USA

Land: MA

Stadt: Northbridge

Kommentare: I know i am a hehn, and thats about all, i would love to hear more

Apr 22
 posted by SABINE HEHN-Walzek   from on April 22, 2014 23:15

Staat: Austria

Land: Vienna

Stadt: Vienna

Domain Name:

Kommentare: Die altertümliche Persönlichkeit des Familiengeschlechts Hehn:
Eberhard hehn wird als erster träger diesen namens in den texten und den archiven von araldis genannt
Die eine Mündlich überlieferte Tradition über die Familie bestätigen deren Ursprung noch früher zu suchen ist
Nach diesen Angaben stammt die Familie ursprünglich aus Biberach es gilt als sicher das sich der Urstamm im laufe der Zeit und unter dem Einfluß von geschichtlichen Ereignissen kleinerer und größerer Tragweite in vielzählige Linien verzweigt hat,
die sich in verschiedenen geschichtlichen Regionen angesiedelt haben.Dem schon genannten Eberhard Hen wird der beruf eines Kunsthandwerkers oder der stand Bürger zugeschrieben.
Bibliografische Quellen:
die Bedeutung des Familiennamens Hehn:
Vorname Heinrich diese bezeichnung hat ihren Ursprung in einem alten Brauch der mit dem untergang des Römischen Reiches zusammenhängt nach dem eine person mit einem einzigen namen identifiziert werden sollte im laufe der Zeit übernahm man die Namen der Christlichen Heiligen um die abkehr vom Heidentum zu beschleunigen die Aufrechterhaltung des Taufnamens als Vorname geht auf diesen Brauch zurück und ist in ganz Europa verbreitet

The outmoded personality of the family sex Hehn. Eberhard hehn is as carriers no first this by the name of in that may write and that archiven mentioned from araldis. The one handed down verbally tradition over that families confirm whose origin even earlier is be searched origin after these specified spring that families initial from biberach. It is valid as secure that itself that urstamm with time and less than that influence from historical ones ereignissen less and larger offer long in vielzaehlige linien branched out has.
The historical itself in different ones regionen settled have the already mentioned one eberhard hen is that call one kunsthandwerkers or that stood citizens ascribed.
bibliographic rise
one person with an only one namen identified would be supposed be with time more than increased one that namen the Christian holy around that off avert of the heathendom speed up that maintaining the taufnamens as first name go to this us up back and is in whole Europe scattered.

Apr 22
 posted by Laureen Hehn   from on April 22, 2014 23:14

My name is Laureen Hehn - Hehn was my x-husbands name which I kept through divorce and remarriage. Children are Robert Laurance Hehn, Nichollete Lyndell Hehn Nageotte, and Cheryl Ann Hehn Snow. They are all in their 30's and they and their families live in and around Milwaukee Wisconsin. We would like to know more about the Hehns. My ex-husband - Robert Ernest Hehn (born Sept 3, 1942 in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin died Jan 1990) I don't know too much about the family. His father was Robert Earl Hehn (who died in Sept 1959 of a cancerous brain tumor at age 42) So he was born about 1917. His father came to the U.S. but when he discovered the homeland was going to war he left his wife (who later remarried and became ... Gomper) and baby in Milwaukee and went back to Germany. From what Lucille Hehn (my mother-in law) has told me he once sent information to Rip (that was Robert Earl's nickname) requesting they sponsor him to return to the U.S. but the people of the Milwaukee area were extremely loyal to the U.S. venture in fighting the Nazi that they were in no way even curious as to the welfare of this man. From what I understand he did return to the U.S. and have a family. If someone could fill us in with details I am sure it would be very fulfilling to hear the other side of the story. My husband (Robert Buhl) and I have dabbled in the family tree and my brother (John Ridle) did a lot of research on the Ridle side and discovered Hussein soldiers in the revolunary war. Laureen Hehn Miami, Florida

Apr 22
 posted by John G. Hehn   from on April 22, 2014 23:14

Email: jhehn1(--att--)

I am John G. Hehn the son of John Hehn & Katrina Schaffer who came to
the US from Detta, Romania on 7/5/23 on the Magnolia and settled in
Chicago, Il. Would like to hear from anyone who might be related.

Apr 22
 posted by Jean Hehn   from on April 22, 2014 23:13

Email: TrueAKblanc(--att--)

I'm a french Hehn. My name is Jean Hehn and there are some Hehn in France. I
know at least 15 people who've got that family name. I made a quick research
on Internet and saw that there was quite a lot of Hehn in the whole world.

Just keep on doing this good job.
I'm going to fill the adress form.

Jean Hehn

Apr 22
 posted by Meghan T   from on April 22, 2014 23:12

I know a Hehn!

I know this may be kind of weird but what the heck! Hello, yes, um I am a student at a middle school in Maryland and my World Studies teacher is a Hehn. His whole name is Wolfe Hehn. Well, I thought you might wanted to know since you are so interested in learning about the Hehns in the world today! Sincerely, Meghan T, Maryland

Apr 22
 posted by Dustin Hehn   from on April 22, 2014 23:12

Email: CONTRABAND316(--att--)

Staat: USA

Land: WI

Stadt: Pewaukee

Kommentare: Well im doing this becoaus i never met my fother and his name as i was told is Jeff Hehn If you have any info plees e-mail

Apr 22
 posted by Joseph M. Hehn   from on April 22, 2014 23:04

Email: Joe(--att--)

Staat: usa

Land: Colorado

Stadt: Fort Collins

Kommentare: The farthest back that we have been able to trace
is my Fathers,Grandfather who worked as a security guard in a gold mine in Central City,CO.

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