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Hello all,
my name is Oliver, my wife is Birgit and my parents are Juergen & Waltraud Hehn.
They are still living in Germany. I´m living in the UK.
I moved there in 2003.
Our german Hehn  family roots are in the Hunsrueck area and we can trace back some Hehn´s up to the 17th century. It was a poor family and some of my ancestors emigrated to the USA at this time. I´m very anxious about seeing how many Hehn´s we are aound the world.

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Apr 22
 posted by Gregory Richard Hehn   from on April 22, 2014 23:25

Email: gregoryhehn(--att--)

Staat: USA

Land: Texas

Stadt: DeSoto

Kommentare: My side of the Hehn family comes from the town of Althauen, Germany. This beautful town is about 2 hours drive from Frankfort. Christian Hehn's son John Perter Hehen (B8/2/1835} came to the USA with or met his wife M. Louise Wilhemina Rau (B11/25/1841. She came to USA in 1853. My father's name is Earl LeRoy Hehn, Jr. his father Earl LeRoy Hehn, and his father John Christopher Hehn. If anyone cares I can send a file from Family Tree Maker or copy it to Word. I'm 54 and work at Blockbuster Video as a Computer Analyst.

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