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Hello all,
my name is Oliver, my wife is Birgit and my parents are Juergen & Waltraud Hehn.
They are still living in Germany. I´m living in the UK.
I moved there in 2003.
Our german Hehn  family roots are in the Hunsrueck area and we can trace back some Hehn´s up to the 17th century. It was a poor family and some of my ancestors emigrated to the USA at this time. I´m very anxious about seeing how many Hehn´s we are aound the world.

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Feb 6
 posted by Lucas  da Fonseca Hehn from Brazil on February 06, 2015 0:07

Hi everyone! I'm from Brazil! There are some Hehn overhere aswell. It seems they moved from Germany on the beginning of 1900 to here. My city, which is called Novo Hamburgo, was colonized by Germans mostly. It would be nice to know more about our origins. Cheers!

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