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Hello all,
my name is Oliver, my wife is Birgit and my parents are Juergen & Waltraud Hehn.
They are still living in Germany. I´m living in the UK.
I moved there in 2003.
Our german Hehn  family roots are in the Hunsrueck area and we can trace back some Hehn´s up to the 17th century. It was a poor family and some of my ancestors emigrated to the USA at this time. I´m very anxious about seeing how many Hehn´s we are aound the world.

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Apr 22
 posted by Erzsebet Hehn   from on April 22, 2014 23:35

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Message: Hi everyone!
My name is Erzsebet Hehn. I'm from Hungary. There are some Hehn family in Hungary. Thanks for this site now I know there are so many of us around the world! Me and my sister Agnes Hehn live in Ireland for 4 years so if you are Hehn in Ireland would be more than happy to hear from you! All the best.

Apr 22
 posted by Liz   from on April 22, 2014 23:35

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Message: I'm helping a friend to find his ancestors. Does anyone know about the Hehn family in/around Union County, Pennsylvania, around 1824? He has a great-grandmother by the name of Maria Hehn. She married Henry J. Jarrett and together they had 6 children: Percival Franklin, William Henry, Mary Alice, John Alfred, Issac Newton, and Susan Emma Jarrett. Maria's father's name is rumored to be John Hehn married to Ester Smith, but I can't find anything that would show that...not even in their family documents/collection. It has just been passed down orally. If anyone has any information about Maria's parents and/or siblings or any further information, I would really appreciate it!! Thanks!

Apr 22
 posted by Phillip Hehn Reviere   from on April 22, 2014 23:34

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Message: This is quite an interesting website I have stumbled upon. I didn't know the name Hehn was quite this popular, although I have yet to find a proper meaning of the name.
Nonetheless, this is what I know. My grandfather is one Mannfred Hehn, descendant of Herrmann Hehn and Lina Hehn. Mannfred's brother is Gert Hehn. The family descended from Westerwald in Germany, although they have since spread out a bit more. As far as I know, on this side of the family, the name is going to die out as all of Mannfred's children were daughters (including my mother). Only myself and a cousin of mine (who has a double last name - but she will marry and thus probably lose the Hehn) will be able to continue the lineage of this name.
Now, as a German speaker, I implore all of you to not pronounce it HANE. It is a German name and should be pronounced accordingly, the correct way should be just the way you spell it, or: HEH - uhn.

Apr 22
 posted by Sabrina Hehn   from on April 22, 2014 23:34

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Kommentare:: so - another "hehn" :) Probably the last one to carry this name in our family: my sister Silke and I are daughters of Werner Hehn. He and his brother Kurt Hehn are the sons of Hermann Hehn.

Apr 22
 posted by Tim Hehn   from on April 22, 2014 23:33

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Staat: Canada

Land: Calgary

Stadt: Alberta


Kommentare: I am the 4 child of Paul John Donald Hehn. My grandfather was Peter John Hehn. He came to Canada in 1912 on the ship behind the Titanic. He was supposed to be on the Titanic but missed it. He has one other brother and a sister appearently in the Chicago area. His parents were Anton Hehn and Lena Ottenbriet.

Apr 22
 posted by Jon Nielson   from on April 22, 2014 23:33

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Message: I come from a line of Hehn's that origniated in Luisenhold Poland and migrated to Plotzk Bessarabia Russia around 1830. My Great great great Grandfather was Johann Hehn born aug 11, 1809. He had many children one of which was Johann Hehn, who also had a Johannes who had a son named Martin Lucas Hehn who was my grandfather. I have a fair amount of information branching from that orginal Johann Hehn, but I am stumped about information before that. If you are related I would love to hear from you especially if you have family history information.

Apr 22
 posted by Christian Hehn   from on April 22, 2014 23:32

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Hallo liebe Hehn`s,
basierend auf den Informationen von Bernhard Hehn habe ich folgende Verwandschaft: Vater: Rolf Hehn geb. Mühlheim a. d. Ruhr Großvater: Fritz Hehn Urgroßvater Anton, geb. in Oberhausen, Ururgroßvater namens Anton, geb in Liebshausen (irgendwo im Hunsrück) Urururopa namens Jakob Ururururopa namens Mathias Hehn aus der Gegend von Rhein Ausserdem habe ich noch 2 Schwestern, Anke und Susanne und eine Mutter Namens Inge :-) Bernhard, danke für Deine Informationen! Da wäre ich ja nie drauf gekommen. In welchem Verwandschaftsverhältnis stehst Du denn zu uns?

Apr 22
 posted by Pia Hehn-Stadler   from on April 22, 2014 23:32

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My Hehn ancestors lived in Luckenbach and later on in Schönstein. Both places are in the Westerwald.In the 19th Century on of my great-grandfathers emigrated to the U.S.A

Apr 22
 posted by JaredHehn   from on April 22, 2014 23:31

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Staat: USA

Land: Minnesota

Stadt: Maple Grove

My father, Brian Hehn, grew up Sparta Wisconsin, near Lacrosse. His Father Carl Hehn is traced back to Carl's father Charles Hehn. I am not sure where the tree goes before that but i also have a brother, Carson. If any of those names sounds familiar please email me.

Apr 22
 posted by Bernhard hehn   from on April 22, 2014 23:31

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Message: Eine Info an Christian Hehn aus Bibrach/Riß: Falls dein Vater Rolf heisst, so hast du und Oliver einen gemeinsamen Urgroßvater namens Anton, geb. in Oberhausen, einen gemeinsamen Ururgroßvater namens Anton, geb in Liebshausen (irgendwo im Hunsrück), einen Urururopa namens Jakob und einen Ururururopa namens Mathias Hehn aus der Gegend von Rheinböllen (Hunsrück).
Gruß an alle Hehns, und insbesondere an die Bibracher Hehns
Euer Bernhard

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