Electronic Symphonies

"Tinkering with old sounds and new synth's in the middle of the night to create your own symphonies... so.. how you would call it? :-) "


The Music:
is nothing you would usually hear in commercial radio. With more than 15 minutes far too long. Against all laws. Starts slow ends fast. Like the "Bolero" of electronic music. Just download it and listen...

The Production:
Not like Fastfood. Not produced for Radio (loudest on air) but for HiFi sets with nice (non plastic) speakers or surround systems.  Or just test the quality of your your Headphone. Sorry I'm a sound engineer  :-)) 

How it all begun:
The idea behind this comes from my past. In the late 70th and early 80th I loved to sit in the middle of my speakers and listen not only to the modern electronic sounds from Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Ashra, Passport, Kraftwerk and later Software and Enigma. I always used the best equipment I could afford. Amps and mixing-desks where designed by myself. Something like "training for my ears".  As a technican and a leader of a comedy team I was working for a local radio station in the 90th. But there was always rhythm in my veins. And in 1999 I started through to produce my own music. 

A world of unlimited possibilities:
I got the impression that in the last 10 years the whole world was designing the computer as a new musical instrument and mixing tool. If you look around these days you can find so many different solutions for creating your own music. And there is no need to have massive Midi Sequencer Hardware and Synth's like in the beginning of the 80th. Unlimited possibilities to be creative for a fraction of costs. 

20 Stereo Channels together with massive effects.. Everybodys dream in the 70th

Creativity by government:
We all must have a higher education and learn as much as you can to be succesfull in our life. This is what everybody says..  But on the other hand where are the great artists and inventors? I think the time is come to use now all the new tools to be creative. This is nothing which can be learned at school I'm afraid. I would love to see you in front of your speakers also and listen to your own music. You life is just in this moment, not tomorow, not yesterday. Close your eyes .... relax ... and give it a try....