Welcome to Telegraph-Hill Audio.
I do resaurations of Audio Equipment since I was 7 years old. My wish was to start apprenticeship in a Radio-Shop. But as always it came different and I started a career with IBM Computer equipment. I did stay in the computer business for many years to come.  But in 2013 as I'm here in Totnes / UK  I'm going back the time line and restoring and repairing all sorts of audio reproduction equipment. From Dansette Record players, Radiograms, Music boxes, Classic British Hifi Equipment, 60s valve Guitar Amps, Speakers, Studio Reel to Reel machines, Effects, Mixing desks  to more modern Hifi repairs.  Unfortunately (for my kitty) I do a little bit more than reqired to make just the job done. It's not a job for me, it is  fun and more a vocation.

As you can see from my home page I have wide spread knowledge and Interests and a new challenge are more than welcome. Therefor my workshop bursts at the seams (as we would say in German).   But  repairing or restauring stuff is my personal meditation. I will make sure your equipment will survive and you can pass it over to the next Generation.

Here are some Pictures of equipment I did repair or restored and the story behind.

Timeless Design and very rare.Build in 2020Sometimes it is fun to play with LED's There is absolutely no doubt they will survive for the next 50 years. I love Nxxie. This one went to a collector in California. You may see the reason this cannoit be repaired with any contact spray anymore. I put a new Power amp inside as the all of the original Germanium Transistors died from Tin Whisker. First Digital Mixing Console from Yamaha and used once a week for my Radio Show.Converted to a strong Class D amp driving Bose 901 at angel Gallery TotnesWith Bluetooth ,of course. Went to a good friend of mine. Seems still to work strong. The early Transistor Amps have been sound designed to sound like a valve amp. SME 3000 series, a classic tonearm and still high in demant. Bluetooth Conversion Project to 10 old Hacker radios. I worked nearly on hundreds of those. All with different faults, and memories....Many 50/50HZ synco-motors do not get up to full speed. Waiting for 15 min can help sometimes. The reason is thatLucky if you got some good tapes for it. Last of the Revox Tube Recorders. TDoes sound a touch warmer than Revox.  Jim use it with pride. one odf 10 Hacker conversions to bluetooth and lightToo much grease in paradise. If you do not mind the noise, do not put any grease inside. Usually you can make them turning again.They spin and spin with belt drive. THe old idler wheel system will fail with high humidityContacts are alowed to be greased with a special product. Anti Scating adjustment with special test recordNew scale and a nightmare to repair if you do not have the experience.  Went back to it's proud owner and given to the next Generation. This one shows, that gainclone boards can soundReduces rumble if the wheel is not too hardAt least they are able to make Music again. The bluetooth versions of my Hackers don't need high amplificationSo nice in White.Pauls relaxing area 2020 with Sony & Wharfdahle~This jukebox had a long and hard life. Corinna & Family loves it.But prices are going up steep.After I had my first one I stopped for searching anything better. And for my Radio shows I can make it autostart in 2 Seconds A restauration of a Tape Drive is costly due to the amount of work involvedAnd IMHO one of the best looking Players ever.You cannot get any warmer sound. Analytics listen to something else. There is a good supporting Community outside. Mid 70th Yamaha Amps are build like a tank. But if the switches are going scatchy you have to spend quite some time for cleaning.Easy to repair without SMDThe brush is made out of Horse Hair. 16x16 potentiometers in total. Happy adjustment. Retro Hifi in Suzans lounge. ~German TAB Studio Tube Pre-Amplifier and Leak StereoGreat Sounding Tube Tuner. Grundig had something similar.Jonathan loves it :-)The early 50th German Radio factory was producing every part they needed in-house. Tube Stereo Radios are high in demand. Our Favourite Record Cleaner from Pro-Ject~Distibution Box I made for the  Seeburg Jukebox Restauration~Most of the 50th and 60th Jukeboxed proudly show their mechanics.pimped with some red nail polish The World in Black and White... The Picup cartridge was dried out and dead. Replacements are available for a price of a new Chineese Record PlayerMemories of the pastTascam 16 Track Reel To ReelEverything is a copy from European Companies. Only a bit better. Nice Collector Price Today they would stand in a middle of a Room.. As additional HeatingPlease polish the cuttlery .. and the record playerThe Hydraulic fluid is also used to silence loud differentials in old cars Unfortunately most of them on Ebay do not have the printing on the facia anymore due to agressive cleaning fluids.Yamaha CA-810The DJ Deck of the 70th. But Laurie is happy now :-)Frank is the new owner.I do clean all kind of knobs with my ultrasonic bath.~A nice looking machine with self made brushed aluminium Frame around the wood. This one needs 10-15 min to get warm and to full speed. And again, they do harden with the time. Nobody will store it in a loft anymore. THe Aluminium underneath the plexy is coroding and destroys the golden print.Not service friendly. No wonder most of them landed on the tip. I love the knobs. Nothing is more retro.The Motor stops working, the mechanic is full of hardened greese and a new stylus or retipping costs a fortune. Contact greese on the inner Ring. The carbon however usually cleans itself just by turning the knob a couple of times. Very time consuming. A shame you cannot see it from the outside.First Test after repair and It sounds beautifulInside a Mission Cyrus II. Boring to look at and to listen to.~Is looking forward to get a new life, ~I bought it with the intention to do the wiring right this time.Roland Space Echo heads. Cleaned and demagnetised. ~Getting good tape loops is the only problem.The original resistors burned into the board. All went through my workshop. Very nice to compare.One of the most succesfull Class D board build into a Tandberg TR200~Another B&O 1200 Record Player restauration in 2020. ~Fully restored and waxed in 2020. A Design award from me.  Only the Garrard needed some fair time to repair. The mechanic is still stron and working. Of course, it was a Sony development. 2020 Bluetooth meets 1952 Pye Radio and Tube amp. ~Richard Allan Speaker with new fabric~Behind the restored Pye ~All original with modern Rercord Player inside to play Stereo RecordsTimehouse LED Design~If the optic fails you still cn get a new one. most younger ones die and you cannot spares anymore. This is an Idler Tyre. If hard and slipping your Cassette will be eaten alife by the mechanics. ~The turning magnet will turn it on and off. If it is not brocken like this one. This one will survive. Many of the first "Tape Decks" will not.Gives another 10 years of service. Timehouse Light Design~Another JMI AC30 from 1966~ Dual HIFI Series from 1980Sony TC-D5 VU meters~Build like a tank. All (black) capacitors needed to be replacedHacker Mayflour Bluetooth Conversion~High End Boom Box~Funny end of 50s Guitar amp~Grundig TK9  nearly 70 years old. ~I love the vintage Sony sound~Very rare, the DBX 160 ~Checking of a Stylus tip~A nice entry Nakamichi~Aiwa 6900 VU Meter with 2 pointers~Aiwa 6900 Tape Deck~Conversion of A77 first series to VarispeedUnfortunately the FET EQ does not really sound. Very rare Lescon Amplifier after repair.~Another Revox Reel to Reel~First checks before the restoration process startsB&O Turntable & 60s Armstrong amp~New DC Motor conversionAnother Switch cleaning~ Last test before going to the proud ownerTandberg TR220 before restoration~